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Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Salute to the Yuma Art Community

Ten years ago, when I began spending the winters in Yuma, Arizona, I unexpectedly became part of an adventure which has been a superb journey accompanied by a growing number of folks that I have both learned from and learned with, while in turn, I have shared information with new folks who have come into our sphere of influence.  As a result, we have all grown in skill and expertise.  Yuma is a retired person's paradise, particularly in the art arena.  People from all over the US and Canada, as well as often from other parts of the globe, arrive with expertise and skill from their respective areas and communities and are not only willing to share what they know to enrich others, but in turn, take away new knowledge which adds to their own repertoire.  What is both interesting and wonderful is the willingness with which people impart information to others.   Unlike many other places where I have lived, the Yuma art community has an openness and vibrance, a beckoning welcome to those who wish to develop new aspects of their own craft as well as add related skills in other art areas.  I have been told by many artists that Yuma is a unique kind of place in that the willingness to share knowledge flows so freely and easily.

To Yuma Fine Arts, Mountain Shadows Artists Association, Desert Artists of Yuma, North End Artists Co-op and all other groups I have failed to mention, Thank You!  You have created an environment for learning that deserves recognition and honor!  To my personal mentors, Elaine Larson, Linda Calahan,  Barb Thorvilson, and Lian Qahn Zhen, you are all truly amazing individuals who have been the cause of my personal growth and development.  Because of you, I have just completed a winter season which I can hardly believe as relates to my "second career."  Kudos and salutations to you all!!!