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Alcohol Inks

My focus has changed a lot in the past two years.  I'm learning new things and adding new media all the time to my repetoire so now may be the time to reorganize my artwork into separate pages.  Over the winter season in Yuma, Arizona, I picked up I new way to do both representational and non-representational art.  Years ago, I started out with watercolor instructors who taught "tight" highly representational watercolor style.  I have never been able to break away from that in the field of watercolor and decided I had to change mediums in order to "break the mold" so to speak.  Alcohol inks were one approach I found to do just that.  I feel much less stuck now and am hoping at some point, I can transfer this over to my approach to watercolor as well.

Come along with me as I display some of the newer style of painting using the inks painting on Yupo, photo paper, DuraLar, ceramic tiles and glass.  Possibilities are endless!!!!

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