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Monday, June 16, 2014

A little Arizona homesickness!

I've been back in Montana now for just exactly two months.  While my saner self KNOWS it's too hot to be in Arizona right now, it doesn't keep me from missing the place; the colors, the texture, the amazing skies. . . Here's my latest, a 20x26" alcohol ink on Yupo of the Painted Desert.  Love this area.  Absolutely amazing!

And while I was thinking Arizona, I was also thinking about the hummingbird and butterfly garden in West Wetlands Park in Yuma. 
Again, an alcohol ink painting on Yupo, 11X14", smaller but NOT easier.  Lotsa detail here that took a long time!

Love these inks.  Colors are AMAZING!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lewis and Clark Trail

Lewis and Clark Trail in Central Idaho west of Lolo Pass.  Alcohol ink on Yupo.  Done for my alcohol ink landscape class taught by Karen Walker.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Two new alcohol inks today.  I'm currently doing a landscape class online with Karen Walker and these are both done for that class.  The first one shown here is titled "Rivulet" and is from the Northern Idaho Macgruder Corridor wilderness. I have been trying to paint this picture since I visited the area 3 years ago and have not been able to do it in watercolor.  I think I've found the right media now for scenes like this one.  Rich in color and texture, alcohol inks fit the bill perfectly!

The second painting is Morrell Falls, east of Seeley Lake, Montana, early last spring when there was a lot of runoff from the snow of that winter.  Also an alcohol ink.  

Both of these paintings are doing on Yupo, an opaque plastic sheeting.  Both are masked and poured first, then detail is done by lifting and replacing color with the use of isopropyl alcohol.