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Mixed Media Acrylics

About a year ago, I stumbled onto the website of abstract mixed media acrylic artist, Sandra Duran Wilson.  In Sandra's work, I saw a way to break out of my tendency toward tight, representational painting.  The colors she used were right in my ballpark and the boldness and ingenuity in her composition and design where exactly what I wanted to learn.  Given the fact that I am in Arizona for half the year and Sandra is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, it was easy to connect with her and attend her workshops.  Thus far, I have take four of her online workshops, attended one of her hands on workshops in Santa Fe and collected her books and DVDs, all of which are wonderful learning tools.

Visit Sandra's website, to take a look at her work.

Now for some of the pieces I have designed and created, some with Sandra's assistance and some on my own.

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