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Monday, April 23, 2012


Hi, I'm Hummingbird and I've just started this blog.  This is all new to me so I'll pick my way through this slowly.  I am a watercolor and acrylic artist, spending half my year in Arizona, where I teach watercolor classes, and half my year in Montana where I do most of my painting. 

I just returned to Montana from a VERY good winter season in Yuma, where I taught 3 classes--all of them full for most of the winter visitor season there.  I had a lot of really good students this year!  One, with my encouragement entered some of her paintings in an end of season Fine Arts Exhibit and did very well there!  Proud of her!  I also completed my first commissioned painting this season.  I did an underwater scene with a large sea turtle  and coral and two + people were fighting over who was going to get the painting!  After I sold it to the first person, the second came to me and commissioned another undersea painting, which I completed.  The first painting went home to Ontario, Canada and the other to Oregon!  The above painting is the commissioned piece. 

I look forward to posting more of what I'm doing as the summer progresses!


  1. Wonderful work, Hummingbird! Let's see MORE! ASAP!

  2. Your painting is absolutely beautiful! I would have fought for it as well. :D