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Friday, June 22, 2012

Three Clowns - Finishing up

The remainder of the clownfish project shows detail and how it is added to the Chinese Brush Painting.  The finished painting will be shown first and following it, photos adding the detail in the coral, the clownfish and finally, the use of permanent black ink to emphasize the painting's features. 

In this photo of the painting, hardly any of the coral details have been added except around the two lower fish.  A few of the darker colors have been put on the coral between the fish to delineate ridges in the coral, but no more.  The leafy water plants behind the larger clownfish are also being more defined in this view.  Now the painting must be allowed to dry.

Detail continues to be added in this view.  I am still using only Phthalo Blue and Indigo to add shadows and define detail in the painting.  In the last step, permanent black ink will be added as well.
More detail has also been added to each fish and a thin wash of Phthalo blue has been painted over the fishes's fins to show their transparent look and blend them into the water. 

The final stage of the painting is adding the black in to emphasize shadow areas in the painting.  All that is left at this point is allowing the painting to dry very well and place my signature on it in Chinese script and adding my chop stamp seal!


  1. The black ink makes such a lovely depth to the photo. I may have to try and paint this one..

  2. Val, I need to show you a bit more about how these are done--maybe this winter!!