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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Portrait Workings

For the past couple of weeks, I've been working on skin tones in portraits and while I don't have them quite right yet, I feel I've made some progress.  This group of Red Hatters game me permission to "shoot" them this past spring.  I told the "Queen," Irene that I wanted ATTITUDE and they gave it to me!  Absolutely fun group to work with!  I have two more portaits to go to get them all finished but wanted to post the ones I have finished now and see where I need to go next in my learning process.  The four ladies here are 1...Janine, 2.... Irene "the Queen"   3....Tanna and  4....Karen.  They were all great sports and I plan to give them the portaits I've done of them when we all get back down to Yuma this fall. 


  1. Hi Judy - not sure if you're getting my comments as they are not appearing here - I love this series of red hats - my favourite is the 3rd one down, love the expression - I'm sure these ladies will be thrilled to bits with their portraits - they look so good here all together!

  2. hello Judy, I really like your paintings of the RED HATTERS...I especially like the last one you is soft and just really beautiful....If you ever get to sedona AZ look me up...
    karen sellers

  3. Judy, your blog is very interesting, and your paintings range from clever (the Red Hat Ladies) to gorgeous (the florals and the landscapes)....I look forward to seeing more!

  4. thank you Sharon, Karen and Jan! Karen are you in Sedona all winter? would love to meet you sometime.