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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Acrylic Fun

For the last couple of weeks, my focus has been to improve my skills with acrylic paints.  I have mostly been playing with flowers but included a landscape as well.  As my usual, bright, flashy colors dominate my work.  Both the single sunflower and the casita are miniatures done on a claybord surface and were an experiment.  I thought for the most part they worked well and I will be trying some more paintings using this smooth surface rather than canvas.  the old country churchyard is done with both brush and palette knife on 300 lb watercolor paper. 


  1. such gorgeous vibrant colours typical of your art Judy. I'm planning on trying acrylics again very soon - a big cat painting which I'm really going to take my time over (eek! scary stuff)

  2. Thanks, Sharon! you'll do great! I love your artwork!