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Monday, June 10, 2013

A Bryce Canyon success

Ever since I visited Bryce Canyon about 6 years ago,  I've been trying unsuccessfully to paint the place.  
This winter, I invited Lian Zhen to come down to Yuma and do a workshop (referred to earlier on the blog) and specifically asked him to do part of the workshop on desert landscapes.  The painting that I did in that workshop is shown earlier on here and it sold almost immediately at an art show in Yuma two weeks after I painted it.  I decided I'd try another desert landscape and hauled out all my Bryce Canyon photos to find a good reference.  The result is Bryce Hoodoo, shown here:

This is another 3 color painting.  Only Prussian Blue, Azo Yellow and Anthraquinoid Scarlet were used to get all of the delicious colors here.

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