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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Textured acrylic

The last of the acrylic Paint My Photo challenges for 2nd quarter is a textured painting.  I found a fascinating photo posted by Robyn Lovelock, a good friend in Australia, taken by her husband of an interesting canyon area in Oz that has lots of red rocks and an interesting tree called Ghost Gums.  I made this the subject of my textured painting.  I started with a layer of iridescent gold gesso, painted the background with various deep color and dropped rubbing alcohol, which disperses acrylic paint, into the paint before it was dry.  Next was putting molding paste on the foreground knoll and allowing that to dry for 24-48 hours.  From there it was working on the painting itself with various deep reds, purples and oranges for the rocks and finally a pale green and pale gold for the trees.  Here is "Canyon Ghosts."


  1. Wow are the colors vivid..I can't see it here but I am betting that gold brings some transluscentcy to the painting. Really like this picture. Val

  2. Fantastic Judy! Looks so vibrant and fresh! Love it! Ro x