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Sunday, September 28, 2014

New Alcohol Inks

Some new inks to show you.  My focus has again shifted to doing more with ceramic tiles and frames for them. 
In the process of figuring out what was possible with tiles, I discovered that black ceramic tiles are elegant and dramatic in their appearance.  Add color to them and they sparkle.  In "Cactus Trio" above, I have use 3" X 6" tiles, each painted separately and at different times.  After I'd done each of the tiles on the ends, I saw that they were very bright and very "busy," and needed a calmer space in between them.  They are all done with a special mixative ink called "Snow Cap" which makes the color show up and varigates them so they have texture.  In the process of dealing with these odd size pieces, I soon discovered that frames for them were NOT readily available.  My solution to that was learning to use my husband's power mitre saw and router to make exactly what I wanted from 1" X 2" pieces of pine and routing them as "floater frames," meaning the tiles are in set on the front side of the frame. 
My next project used a white 6" tile and inks applied with a small paint brush, then sealed with UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel).  This frame was not an odd size so was purchased unfinished.  I used thinned fluid acrylics to paint the frame, then used the UTEE to coat the frame as well to get a unified look. 

Finally,  a couple more 3" x 6" tiles, one white and one black, one framed and one yet to be framed.  All of these will be on display at the Village Art Gallery in Yuma, Arizona in about 3 1/2 weeks!


  1. I love you work Judy and enjoying seeing everything created. You have so much creative talent.

  2. Hello, Judy! My friend, Margaret, introduced me to your work and it is absolutely wonderful. Your talent with a brush comes through loud and clear. I had never heard of alcohol paint before but the colors are so clear and true that I'm planning to do some research on this medium so I can try my [untrained, unskilled and only moderately creative] hand at it. Love your work!

  3. You demonstrate a really confident sensibility in exploring different media and materials and come up with most pleasing results.

  4. Thanks you all so much for your comments! I apologize for not getting back to you with replies much soon!